Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bike Shop Premier

As some of you know Jason's joined a number of other guys in opening a new bike store in Elk Grove called Kinetic Cycles. Back in February they had a premier party prior to the opening of the store for all of the partners, workers, and bike enthusiasts in the area. We headed down for the night and it was great fun and very exciting. I actually hadn't even seen the store before and was amazed. It's gorgeous and over 500 people showed up that night to preview it! It's a Specialized concept store, which means very little to me seeing as though we are not in the biking crowd....at least not for now. :) I'm sure that will be changing quickly. I think it basically means that they carry mostly Specialized products along with a number of other brands. Anyway, it was a fun night and if you're ever in the Elk Grove area go check it out. You'll see some cool bikes and I'm sure they'll be able to meet any spandex requirements you may have.

All the owners with the Specialized Angel. I guess she's a big biking celebrity. She attends all the bike races and "blesses" the competitors. She was a very sweet girl, but I must say her dress was mighty tight for an "angel."

Norah and the Specialized Angel.

Our little fam. Sorry you can't see the belly. :)

Dan, Jason, and Brian- partners and buddies. A happy little family.

Norah testing out the merchandise.

Here are a couple other pictures of the store. It was a great and exciting night!


Sarah Jayne said...

Wow...that's Jon's dream--to open a cycling store. We'll have to come out and see it! Sounds awesome!

Whitney said...

Awesome. We love bikes.

Harmony said...

so, you know spencer and I were quite the bikers in our day, and still in our dreams! We'll definitely want to check this out when we visit. so, we want to visit, did you get spencer's email?

Chrissie Brown said...

Yes, Harm, Jason got it and told me and we're SO excited to see you guys! I think he emailed Spencer back. Come whenever you can and we'll make sure we're around. With a new baby we'll be here anyway. And your more than welcome to stay here. Just let us know when you figure out the dates for sure!