Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Snow Day

My Aunt Sue was here for a visit in the beginning of March and we though it would be fun to take Norah up for her first snow day. After all of the planning and packing and driving, it didn't go over so well. It was hard to find a good spot for her to play, and after we did it was hard for her to run around because the snow was pretty hard, not to mention all of her snow gear getting in the way. It's one of those laugh about it later memories I guess. It was gorgeous as usual up there though, and she did enjoy seeing all of the snowmen people had built and pointing them out to us.

Norah, Mom, Aunt Sue, and Jason

Sad and cold.

Good thing Grandma brought cookies!

Her favorite part was when we stripped her down and let her bounce around in the car while we got packed. Go figure.

Mom and Aunt Sue. Cute sisters!

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