Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Proof that we've settled into Davis...




Energy saving...


And a little bit white trash.

So, two confessions. 1. We love Davis, 2. We're not really hippies (yet). I just can't get over how funny that picture is of Norah as a preachy environmentalist. I saw that shirt on clearance and got it because I knew it would make Jason laugh. Combined with holly jeans and "free spirit" hair, she definitely looks the part. Have you every hung your laundry out to dry? It stinks. Literally. And it's totally crunchy. We had some issues with our dryer when we first moved here, so I tried using the lines outside. Kids shirtless, and shoeless, and Jason riding a bike to school, are all true.

Norah's observation at a stop light a few weeks ago:
"Hey Mom, there are a LOT of bikes in Davis."
So true, Norah, so true.

Norah having a "book picnic" with Grandma Mary. Isn't that a cute idea? Mom has the best ideas, and Norah loves them all. Especially any involving books.

Davis Farmers Market is the best. It's been voted America's Favorite Farmers Market, in the WHOLE country. Norah enjoying a pony ride there.

We had to wait until she got the "pink one."

Packed truck on the way to Davis. This is very, very belated, but THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THOSE WHO HELPED US MOVE!!! We have the best family and friends ever, especially considering that with how many times we've moved recently, they keep showing up. It was painless. THANKS!!

Proof that we still get them fully dressed, even in Davis. :)

First Day of School

I'm a horrible blogger, we all know it. Moving on... :) (Oh, and this will be long, because if I'm going to spend the time doing it it might as well be useful as a family journal, right? Sorry if you're bored, just look at the pictures.) So, in September Jason and Norah had their first day of school on the same day. How cute is that, huh? So here is their cute little "first day of school" picture together. They were both very excited, Jason to start his MBA at UC Davis, and Norah to start her first year of preschool. Jason's been really loving his program. It's challenging and busy, but so was work, and we're not paying all that tuition for nothing, so it's been great. Norah has loved loved LOVED school. I really had my doubts for awhile about what was the right choice for her, however, in the end, it has been perfect. It's a darling little nursery school, she goes 2 days a week for 3 hours, which is in my opinion a perfect amount for her right now. So I don't forget her special first day of "school," here's the story. (Note: would have documented Jason's first day in such detail as well, but can you believe he was against it? haha)

She was very excited--can you tell? First story is her outfit. Norah can sometimes be, well, let's say... opinionated, about what she wears. And let's face it, I am too. Even though I know my life would be much easier if I let her wear what she wanted, and even though I know it doesn't REALLY matter, I just can't give into her wearing polka dot pants with a striped shirt and crazy lady hair. So, to avoid a potential damper on her special day we headed over to the outlets where I let her pick out a special first-day-of-school outfit (I would have gone with the teal, but the pink is cute too). She looked adorable and was so excited, especially about the shoes.

Giving Daddy a squeeze before they both headed off to class.

It's so hard to believe that she's getting so big and independent. I often ask them to "stop growing, don't get any bigger." It doesn't seem to work of course.

Send off for Daddy.

This is outside of her preschool. While waiting for them to open the doors, Norah picked a flower. "Here Mom, I picked a flower for you." We didn't tell Teacher Ann though.

Although she was very excited about school she did want me to come in with her for a little bit. So for about 15 minutes or so she had fun showing Brother around. Here they're very excited about the pet turtle, Leroy.

After she was settled in Ellis and I got back in the car and drove home, and I cried all the way. I felt like a big dork, but getting in the car I just did the math. Two years of preschool and then she'll be in kindergarten. Crazy!

She was so happy when we picked her up, and that made me feel much better. She made this hat, and got a sucker. What 3 year old wouldn't be happy?

Happy girl.

Showing off her art (her favorite part of preschool).

My sweet girl. Not the best picture of me, but her face is just so sweet and happy. She was just beaming and kept asking me, "Mom, can we go to school again someday?" Looks like she's taking after her mommy in that regard. I LOVED school as a kid.

She wanted to make a hat for Brother too (aka Ellis, she calls him Brother). He was thrilled.

And then one for Mommy......

Ellis saying "cheese!" with his hat. It was hilarious how excited he was.

Well, Norah, we're so glad you love school, and we're so proud of all the good choices you make. You're our sweet, smart, spunky girl, and we just can't get enough. Every prayer since her first day of school has included, "and thank you for my class..." I guess it was the right choice.