Friday, June 6, 2008

Ellis Pics

New pictures of Ellis. He's so adorable and getting SO big. It's so different from how Norah was. She was in her 0-3 month clothes for the first 6 months, and he's already busting out of his!

Good baby dreams.

Hmmm....what should I have for lunch today? Milk, or, milk?

Norah & Ellis

Here are a bunch of fun pictures of the two of them together. So far, Norah is OBSESSED with him, and he is a little aprehensive for fear he will get trampled under her well intending feet. She's very concerned when he's crying ("Hurry, Mommy, hurry!") which is very sweet. He has started smiling at her lately which she loves of course. She just can't wait until they can play with eachother (and neither can I!). :)

I laugh out loud everytime I see this picture. Talk about obsessed. And his face is so funny..."Do you seriously have to be this close?"

Tyring to get him to take his bottle (which isn't an easy task). She also lines up his pacifiers, which he also doesn't like, and trys to get him to take them one at a time. "I helping, Mommy!" she says.

I love how proud she looks in this one. She really is a great big sister.

"Help him, Mommy!"

Our Girl

Here are some fun recent pictures of Norah:

I came into the living room to find Norah like this the other day. She loves to sit in there and flip through the big set of scriptures, page by page. Don't ask me why, since there aren't any pictures....she truly is a bookworm!

Whenever I ask her to "Smile like a princess!" she raises her hands up above her head like this. Why you may ask? Who knows. I think it might be because her Barbie's arms are usually straight up above her head. Pretty funny either way.

"Helping" me in the garden.

Dress-up girl.

It's pretty rude of me to want to take pictures of her when she's so upset, but it needed to be documented. Plus I think it's pretty cute. A couple weeks after having Ellis everything came to a head for her--she was sick, cutting more teeth, and adjusting to not being the only child anymore. Poor thing. She bounced back quickly, but it was a sad coupld days for us all.

A ridiculous amount of stuffed animals, right? You would think we could just sneak some out and she wouldn't even notice, but you would think wrong. Every night she lists EACH one and makes sure we show her where they are. The list includes: Kitty, Doggy, Bear, Nemo, Pooh Bear, Yellow Carebear, Blue Carebear, Ducky, and Penguin. It amazes me that she can remember all of them, but she always knows whose missing. Ha!

Night at the Fair

A little fair came to Folsom a couple weeks ago so we took Norah and Ellis and met our friends the Dances there. It was SO hot but really cute to see her get so excited. I thought she'd be scared on the car ride and was ready to have to go in and get her, but boy was I wrong. She was laughing out loud the whole time. No pics of Ellis that night because he was a perfect angel sleeping in his stroller!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ellis can smile!

A funny little video of Ellis smiling at only 5 days old. When he is in that between-sleep-and-awake stage he would smile on command for us, which we all found very amusing. Supposedly they don't really "know" how to smile until about 6 weeks old or so, but as you can see, he somehow figured it out in his dazed stage. And of course the second I stopped recording he gave us the biggest smile of them all. Happy boy!

Norah & Ellis Meet

Note: I tried to post this weeks ago, but it wasn't working for some reason. Hope you still enjoy...

We couldn't wait to get home to introduce Norah and little Ellis. We decided not to have Norah visit us at the hospital since we were there for such a short time. Plus I didn't want it to be a tramatic experience in case she got sad that Mommy couldn't come home with her right then. When we got home on Tuesday afternoon, her reaction to him couldn't have been sweeter. After giving him lots of hugs and kisses and telling us how "cute!" the baby was she went into the toy closet and picked out her favorite toys to show him (a bunny and 2 dinasours....yes, my girly girly has a fasination with dinasours which is quite hilarious) and then gave him a demonstration of her amazing jumping skills. After about 15 minutes of us being home she turned to me and said, "He came out!" At first I didn't understand what she said, but when I understood I told her yes and asked her where he was. "The tummy!" was her answer. So cute! We've talked to her a lot over the past months about her brother and how he was going to come out to see her, but I wasn't quite sure if she would put it all together once he got here since she won't even be 2 until July. She's always surprising us! We brought her home a "present" from baby Ellis which was a baby doll that is amazingly real with true baby-like movements and noises. So far she's been MUCH more interested in the REAL baby, but that's okay. Especially since she has been very gentle and soft with incidents to report yet! I just love to watch how excited she is about her brother and how concerned she is when he's crying. She's good at reporting what he's doing: "He wake up!" "Mommy, he's coughing," "Mommy, he hungry," and "He open eyes!!" My favorite is how she says that he's "tickling" her when he's moving his hands around. She gets really close to him to give him hugs and kisses and when he flails in her direction she laughs and says, "He tickles!"  I can't imagine how thrilled she'll be when he can actually react to her.

I look like a big dork in the freeze frame of this video, but I will sacrifice and publish for your benefit.  :)

We've been slacking/ Call for help

Ok, I know we have been horrible bloggers.  Here come a couple new posts for you all to enjoy.  The first two I had up a long time ago but for some reason wouldn't post and the rest are just some new pictures of our little guy and things we've been up to.  Part of the reason I procrastinate posting is because it takes so long for some reason.  So here is my question to all of you...


Is there a trick that I don't know about?  When I go to post a set of pictures, or a video, it takes a half hour or more to upload.  And a lot of the time it will have problems and I'll need to start over.  We have a good internet connection, so I'm not sure what the problem is..... Any help?