Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We love the beach

When we were down in LA we made a trip to the beach with our lovely friends Scott and Karisa. Although as I mentioned it got up to 110 degrees while we were there, the water was freezing because of some wierd costal storm or something. Didn't do a lot (or any) swimming, but it was beautiful and gave Norah plenty of room to roam.

Scott- have you cut your hair yet? :)

Disneyland- Take 1

Back in September we drove down to LA to visit some friends and go to Disneyland and had an absolute blast. Spencer and Harmony, friends from college, live down there and were getting ready to transfer to Switzerland for 2 years (I know...so lucky). It was great to get to see them and go to Disneyland together. Norah had a blast playing with Cado and Paisley and it was so fun to get caught up. Unfortunately it wasn't the most thrilling Disneyland experience for me as I was already prego and therefore didn't feel quite up-to-par, plus I couldn't go on any of the bigger kid/adult rides. Oh, and did I mention that it was literally 110 degrees when we were there. People kept saying, "it's NEVER this hot here!" Ha! The one week we go down of course we bring the heat wave. Nonetheless, seeing the kids have so much fun brought all the magic back.

We spent 2 days at Disneyland, and as you can see on the 1st day Norah wasn't feeling the rides. Poor thing. She loved being there and seeing all the action and characters, but it took a day for her to warm up to them. I love this picutre because it shows how she was clinging on to me like her life depended on it. And it was just a train!

The cute Roundy family. We miss them!

5 Fun Filled Years!

Wow, have we really been married 5 years? And since I'm posting this so late, its more like 5 1/2. It has really flown by. When I sit and think about it though, we have done quite a lot in the past 5 years together. Got married, went to BYU together, lived in Hawaii for a summer, graduated together, moved home, got jobs, had darling Norah, bought a house, and now quickly on the way to becoming a family of 4. How weird!?! Barbara and Myles were sweet and watched Norah for us for a night so we could go celebrate. We ended up going to San Francisco and doing all the fun touristy things we've never done. We had toyed with the idea of taking an actual vacation somewhere, but I was too stressed about leaving Norah. Turns out we could have left her for weeks and she would have been fine. She loves all the grandparents and would have been happy to be spoiled by them for a week, but oh well. Maybe in a few years we'll get the guts to ditch the kids.

If you are 35 or younger, and don't recognize the house behind us, I'm not sure that we can be friends. "You got it dude!" or "Cut--it--out!" or "Have merrrrccccyyy" ring any bells? Gosh that was a great show.

We braved the San Francisco bus system, but near Chinatown it got a little too crowded for our taste. And when we say crowded, we mean the living-in-China type of crowded. When we got off we happened upon this gorgeous church, which ended up being our favorite part of the whole trip. Love those spontaneous moments that turn out right.

Jason had never been to Alcatraz. That's right, never. It was freezing (even in August), but fun.

So we were trying to think of all the touristy things we'd never done, and my mom suggested we hike Angel Island. She raved about how gorgeous it is and how spectacular the view is. After spending an hour each way on the ferry, and hiking for another 2....this was our view. COMPLETELY covered in fog. You literally couldn't even see a leg of the Golden Gate bridge. The other side was decent, but only somewhat softened the blow. Won't be doing that one again anytime soon!

Folsom Lake

This summer we headed to Folsom Lake for a day and rented jet skis. It was SO fun! The lake was really, really low, but we had a blast anyway. Got some cute pictures, plus these document Norah's complete OBSESSION with watermelon. She would live off of it if I let her.

Nice glasses, Chuck!

"Are you seriously taking more pictures of me eating watermelon?!"

Cute brothers.

Norah teasing her beloved Uncle Eric.

Yummmm. She stayed on the chair laid back like this for about 20 minutes. And for those of you who know Norah, you know that her staying anywhere for 20 minutes is basically unheard of. I'm sad she's grown out of those jellies. I slept in mine as a little girl. Are crocks the new jelly replacement? Not with my kids! :) Jellies all the way! Plenty of room for them both!