Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Norah's Vote for '08

So, last night after dinner I was cleaning up and Jason had turned on the live broadcast of the Democratic National Convention. As he turned it on they announced that a "special guest" had arrived, and without saying who it was Barack came out on the stage. Norah looked up to see what all the fuss was about and said very excitedly, clear as a bell:

"It's Barack Obama!"

WHAT?! We paused the TV and asked her what she had said and sure enough, she said, "Look, it's Barack Obama!" I have no idea how in the world she knows who he is. Well, it's clear that at least she's not undecided for the November election. Too bad Mommy and Daddy still aren't thrilled with either choice......


It's been haircut season at the Brown's. Ellis got his first haircut at a young 2 1/2 months back in July, and Norah got her first haircut at just over 2 years old a couple weeks ago. Here's the story:

So, our sweet Ellis had crazy hair. Basically it was the classic male-pattern-baldness. LOTS on the side, lots in the back, and nothing but peach-fuzz up front. To be honest I thought it was cute, he was like my little old man. But eventually, it was getting out of control. Case 1:

Case 2: This is totally the standard I'm-so-unhappy, I'm-so-chubby, I-hate-my-life "before" picture that people always use for make-over shows and advertisements.

And so, the haircut began.....

And ended....

And Mom was a little first. I quickly grew to like it, but he just looked so different at first. And plus it made him look so much older. I mean, he's only 2 1/2 months in these pictures, but he looks like he should be crawling!

And Daddy loved it. He's not shy about showing his emotions. Sorry about the goofy picture, honey. It's partially my fault--I told him to look excited. Mission accomplished. :)

So then it was Norah's turn. She really just needed a trim. When her hair was down it had started looking a little straggly and unkempt. It's so hard to cut off those baby curls though! Here's the before:



She did very well and sat relatively still during her haircut (thanks to crackers and a sucker). She refused to put on the smock, which even had cute penguins on it, but oh well. I made a pretty big deal about the whole thing and kept telling her she got to go to a "fancy salon" to get her haircut. Two weeks later she is still talking about it. "I got a haircut, Mommy." "Yes, Norah, you're hair looks SO pretty." "Thanks, Mommy." Here's the best picture I could find of the back of her hair now. Still has curls!

Well, that's all for the baby makeovers for now.