Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We love the beach

When we were down in LA we made a trip to the beach with our lovely friends Scott and Karisa. Although as I mentioned it got up to 110 degrees while we were there, the water was freezing because of some wierd costal storm or something. Didn't do a lot (or any) swimming, but it was beautiful and gave Norah plenty of room to roam.

Scott- have you cut your hair yet? :)


Karisa said...

His hair has not been cut. He wears it in a ponytail now!

Harmony said...

so I was looking at this and feeling bad that you don't have your family shoot pictures to put up! Let me know if you want to do anything with those! If you don't get some now, you probably won't because you'll have a fourth member of the family soon!