Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Folsom Lake

This summer we headed to Folsom Lake for a day and rented jet skis. It was SO fun! The lake was really, really low, but we had a blast anyway. Got some cute pictures, plus these document Norah's complete OBSESSION with watermelon. She would live off of it if I let her.

Nice glasses, Chuck!

"Are you seriously taking more pictures of me eating watermelon?!"

Cute brothers.

Norah teasing her beloved Uncle Eric.

Yummmm. She stayed on the chair laid back like this for about 20 minutes. And for those of you who know Norah, you know that her staying anywhere for 20 minutes is basically unheard of. I'm sad she's grown out of those jellies. I slept in mine as a little girl. Are crocks the new jelly replacement? Not with my kids! :) Jellies all the way! Plenty of room for them both!


Sarah Jayne said...

She is so adorable!!!
And nothing can replace jellies.

Harmony said...

Yay! I've been checking in on your blog regularly hoping for your presence, and here's new stuff! I'm excited.