Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun at Apple Hill

My family never really did the Apple Hill thing, and Jason's typically only went up to get a tree for Christmas (at least that's all he remembers doing...) so, we're always experimenting to see what's fun when we go up. This year we went to Pluebell's which was a keeper. Little "petting" zoo for the kids (really it is just a bunch of animals that you can feed through the gate, but good enough), tire swing, food, and other stuff we didn't pay attention to. Rainbow Donuts is another keeper-- who wouldn't love an apple cider donut? Yummmmm. Kids Inc for dessert and a little pumpkin. We love you Apple Hill.

My cowgirl who LOVES animals and has absolutely no fear. This goat was huge, intense, and aggressive, but Norah was more than happy to make friends. Seeing her get so thrilled to see animals makes me feel a little guilty we don't have a pet. Not guilty enough to get one though. At least not yet. I figure a little brother is way more fun than a dog.

Ellis being a good sport.

I asked Norah to take a picture with her pumpkin (it's the mini one to the left of her). She told me to "hold on a sec" and as I waited for what seemed like a long time she carefully balanced her pumpkin on the big one and then sat against them. Funny girl. Now we just have to work on her smiling on command...

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Dayna Jamison said...

Darling Halloween costumes. I can't get over Norah the piggy. Too cute!