Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Girl

Here are some fun recent pictures of Norah:

I came into the living room to find Norah like this the other day. She loves to sit in there and flip through the big set of scriptures, page by page. Don't ask me why, since there aren't any pictures....she truly is a bookworm!

Whenever I ask her to "Smile like a princess!" she raises her hands up above her head like this. Why you may ask? Who knows. I think it might be because her Barbie's arms are usually straight up above her head. Pretty funny either way.

"Helping" me in the garden.

Dress-up girl.

It's pretty rude of me to want to take pictures of her when she's so upset, but it needed to be documented. Plus I think it's pretty cute. A couple weeks after having Ellis everything came to a head for her--she was sick, cutting more teeth, and adjusting to not being the only child anymore. Poor thing. She bounced back quickly, but it was a sad coupld days for us all.

A ridiculous amount of stuffed animals, right? You would think we could just sneak some out and she wouldn't even notice, but you would think wrong. Every night she lists EACH one and makes sure we show her where they are. The list includes: Kitty, Doggy, Bear, Nemo, Pooh Bear, Yellow Carebear, Blue Carebear, Ducky, and Penguin. It amazes me that she can remember all of them, but she always knows whose missing. Ha!


Whitney said...

She and I need to hang out.

Chrissie Brown said...

Yes, you do! When will you guys be down here next?

The Atwaters said...

Sooo beautiful. I love the dress up pic and the garden pic!