Friday, June 6, 2008

Norah & Ellis

Here are a bunch of fun pictures of the two of them together. So far, Norah is OBSESSED with him, and he is a little aprehensive for fear he will get trampled under her well intending feet. She's very concerned when he's crying ("Hurry, Mommy, hurry!") which is very sweet. He has started smiling at her lately which she loves of course. She just can't wait until they can play with eachother (and neither can I!). :)

I laugh out loud everytime I see this picture. Talk about obsessed. And his face is so funny..."Do you seriously have to be this close?"

Tyring to get him to take his bottle (which isn't an easy task). She also lines up his pacifiers, which he also doesn't like, and trys to get him to take them one at a time. "I helping, Mommy!" she says.

I love how proud she looks in this one. She really is a great big sister.

"Help him, Mommy!"

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Whitney said...

What a couple of dolls.