Friday, June 5, 2009


I know, you're shocked. There's actually a post.

We're here, alive, and happy. We just hate blogging, and (honestly) kind of forgot that we had a blog. Until, that is, we had a hundred requests for something, ANYTHING, new on the blog from family and friends. Sorry, sorry to keep you waiting. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I want to be better for the sake of journaling and providing pictures for my dear grandma if nothing else.'s what's been happening.

- We closed on the house in March. Since Jason was in the midst of applying to business schools, we moved in with the Browns until we figured out where we would be going. We really love being there. They are SO sweet and fun and Norah is just in heaven with all the grandparents and pets around. The moving transition was hard for both the kids....they still don't seem themselves to me.....but hopefully once we're somewhere more permanent they'll chill out.

- Ellis turned 1 on April 21st! Separate post about that later.

- We went down to Southern California for Jason's interview for the MBA program at UC Irvine. At the end of the interview the head of admission said, "Well, you're in. I make the decisions, and you're in." Plus a scholarship! We were so proud (but that's not where we're going....). While down there we stayed with our great friends Scott and Karisa and saw their gorgeous baby girl. It was so fun to play with them and go to the beach.

- Then he had his UC Davis interview, which is where he really wanted to go for various reasons, but mostly because they have a phenomenal business program. However, they only admit 60 students a year (the selectivity and intimacy of the program is partly what makes it so great) so we tried not to get our hopes up. The interview went well, and he ended up being accepted, with a scholarship!! We're SO SO SO excited and proud of him.

(People usually ask about whether we considered BYU. The answer is, for a second. But, because we already have been there and done that, and because Jason got his business undergrad there and would be getting his business masters from the same program, we ruled it out. Plus, for networking/career reasons it's best for him to stay close to where we want to be permanently. But it would have been fun to see the Bushs and Stutzs!)

- We went to Tahoe with Jason's parents (they have a condo timeshare there) and had a great time. Went to the lake, Truckee, made smores, and went on walks.

- Looked EVERYWHERE in Davis for housing. It took forever, and a lot of days in the car driving around with the kids in the back while I threw food and toys to the back of our crowded Forester, but we found something that will work great. We'll be moving in September. Time to grow beards (well, for Jason), wear pig-tails (me), and get some Birkenstocks. :)

- Right now we're in St. Louis visiting my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins out here. It is so great to see them all and makes us wish we lived closer. We've been busy doing all sorts of fun things and will head to the Lake of the Ozarks with all the family for the 4th. After that we're going to take a little detour to go see Nauvoo (a church historical city) which should be wonderful.

Here are some pictures of the kids, until I get another post together:

....I know what you're thinking, "yeah right, it's going to be another 3 months before she puts anything else up".......we'll see. :)

Here's Ellis:

Pretty blue eyes, blond hair, and new teeth.

Snazzy in his Easter suit.

I kiss this face AT LEAST 100 times a day.

Begging to come outside by giving kisses through the glass. This kid wishes he lived outdoors.

Showing off his Michigan State hat that Great Grandpa Ellis got him. Cute!

This pictures old....he's walking solo now, with the help of his Frankenstein-balancing arms. The 98th percentile head (true to the Brown genes) makes balance a challenge, but he's mastering it.

Here's Norah:

Smelling the poppies on a walk. Although we've tried to explain why we don't pick those particular flowers, she usually brings me one along the way.

On one of our many walks to the park down the street.

I love those dimples...

With her cute friend, Evan after a trip to the park.

On a walk a couple months ago at the old house. This picture cracks me up, because it perfectly encapsulates Norah's personality--very girly, and yet tom-boyish all at the same time. She loves taking the baby (and CareBear) for a stroll while I stroll Ellis. But some where along the way she finds the largest stick possible, and while pushing the stroller pokes at things with the sticks. Good safety training for taking car of a baby? Probably not. However, she does know how to multi-task.

Norah showing off her sticks, and Ellis rocking on.

REALLY excited to be riding a bus while we were down in Southern California for Jason's UC Irvine interview. It's so funny to me that for a 2 year old a bus ride, of all things, is this thrilling.


Harmony said...

I'm the first one here! COOL. okay, so yes, i was shocked to find a post, but it was very gratifying and worth the wait. But how dare you taunt me with saying you looked into UC irvine! I got so excited for a tiny second. But actually I guess we may not have been there at the same time anyway since we've extended here for a year, so its better this way.:) I guess I approve. I'm looking forward to the hippie Browns, braids and birkenstocks or not, you couldn't be more gorgeous if you tried, juding from the one picture of you in this post. wow. not fair. Well, I for one am very happy that you have provided an update and that you are all alive and doing so well. And your kids are super duper cute. Ellis! so adorable. love you girl!!

jordan and maci said...

YES! i have been waiting and waiting for a new post. feels like a breath of fresh air to see all the cute pics and hear the updates. first of all-- CONGRATULATIONS JASON on getting in! we are so excited for you, though it would have been great to have you around:)

Kaisa Bailey said...

I am so glad you finally posted....I am not any better!!! WOOHOO for Jason. Your travels and summer are looking so fun. Ellis is getting so big and DELICIOUS. His cheeks are a joke and he is looking more and more like Norah by the day....Let's hang out!

Sarah Jayne said...

We're famous!! I can't believe I was mentioned in your we're really friends? Hehehe. Well I've been meaning to call you for a century and a half. I promise I will this week. I know you're gone but maybe we can get in touch. Way to go, Jason!!! on getting in to UC Davis. That's so awesome! Jon go into the BYU MBA program and we're super proud of him (even though I'm jealous of those who are outside of Utah...) I hope the moving process goes well. I can't believe how big your kids are. Ellis is soooo freaking cute. I LOVE those cheeks. You guys have the most adorable kids better take advantage and have at least 5 more.

Bali said...
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Darla said...

Wow, wow, WOW!! COngrats to you all. That's amazing. I never knew Jason was that smart! hm...that came out wrong. But seriously!! We need to come hang out with you guys more just to get to know him better. (; Have fun in hippieville. I'm sure you'll fit in perfectly. If you guys ever get an urge to take a trip back east (to VA), come see us!! Your kids are absolutely adorable, btw. No surprise..

Dayna Jamison said...

I love those kids of yours! So darling. Looking forward to seeing you next week when we come down AGAIN! That's how it should be always, coming down every couple weeks. :)

The Atwaters said...

CHRISSIE! Your kids are so adorable. But you knew that. Anyway, just stopping by to say hi! Haven't really visited my friend's blogs in forever :( Tell Anne I. hi from me if you guys go to the park together again :)