Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ellis and Ellis Meet

Last month my grandparents came out to visit which was such a treat. They got to meet little Ellis and see our house and had some time to visit which we always look forward to. It was especially fun to get the big Ellis and the little Ellis together. My grandparents are so cute. We all wish we lived closer, but I guess that makes us appreciate the visits even more.

So sweet, the two Ellis' getting to know each other. (It's Ellis' in that sentence, right? Not Ellis's? Hmm...probably no one would have noticed had I not pointed it out. )

I love this: not only do they share the same name, but the same hairdo! Ha! I said that to Grandpa and he laughed and said, "Yeah, but the difference is his is coming in!"

Oh, what a cute picture. Weird to think that someday Jason, Norah, and I will have a picture like this....

Grandpa brought a ball-cap for Ellis from his alma mater Michigan State where he played football during his college years. It was for the boy, but our girl seemed to like it. Looks cute on her, don't you think?

My grandma was talking about looking at the blog and how she loves to read the comments and my mom goes, "What comments? There are comments?" Haha. Go, Grandma! One step ahead of mom on the technology department. She also, while describing someone who was sitting next to them on the plane, referred to them as having lots of "bling." She's so hip and so much fun to talk to. Not to mention a whirl wind in the kitchen. She does dishes faster than my dishwasher I kid you not.

We took a trip to the zoo.

Mom and Ellis. Check out that male-pattern-baldness. On Ellis of course, not Mom.

Norah really loved playing with her Great Grandpa. Read her a book and you're sure to capture her heart.

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Scott and Karisa said...

Hahaha.....I can' stop laughing over that picture of Ellis' male pattern baldness. The funniest. He totally has a combover too. And yeah, is it Ellis' or Ellis's? I think it's Ellis'.