Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Our Newest Little Addition

Myles Kimball Brown
Born August 25th @ 7:24am
9lbs 8oz
21 inches long

So, what was it going to take to get us to post something on the blog? A sweet new baby!! We kind of forgot we had a blog, and I'm sure all of you did too. But it is a great way to share the bazillion pictures all the far away family are dying to see. So here goes.

We're so happy and thrilled to have another sweet little boy join the Brown family. First, a little background on his name. "Myles" is Jason's middle name and his dad's name--a great name associated with two wonderful, good men. Kimball comes from Spencer W. Kimball, a former prophet and president of our church. Another wonderful, good, inspired man.
Plus, with the initials MK we can nickname him "Mack" around the family if needed/wanted, since my only worry was that two Myles's would get a little confusing.

Little Myles has so far been a dream baby. He's snuggly and happy and absolutely adorable. He has a super strong little head and neck and takes after his mommy by getting the hiccups a lot. He loves to be swaddled (our first baby that does) and sleeps much better if we swaddle beforehand. His little hands were up while in the belly, we know because he came out waving (cord was wrapped around), and so out in the world his hand are up too. Even when we swaddle the little hands end up tucked under his little face. He has a very loud cry when he's hungry that turns on in an instant--the pediatrician joked that he'll definitely be heard over his two older siblings. His cheeks are delicious and so incredibly kissable, and he has a perfect, soft, little (ok, maybe not so little) head. I'm feeling amazing--I always feel like a brand new person as soon as the baby gets out. I feel more rested, less achy, and just realize how horrible I was actually feeling being pregnant.

Norah fell in love with baby Myles instantly. We were a little nervous about her reaction to having another brother, because she was so convinced that it was a girl and was very insistent on having a sister. But it was love at first sight and we haven't heard a single peep since. She has often proclaimed, "We have the cutest baby in the whole world." Now she can't get enough of baby Myles. Really. My spunky, high energy little Norah will sit for hours at a time (I'm not exaggerating) holding the baby. She holds him, wraps him in his blanket, holds his hand, kisses him, gazes at his little face, gives him is pacifier, and makes all kind of little announcements. She lets us know when "he opened his eyes!" (so exciting!), when he's done with his pacifier, when he smiles (she thinks they're genuine), and when he "made a sad face but didn't even cry!" She comforts him: "Oh hi Bubbies, you're so cute. Oh, look at that sad little face! It's alright little buddy." Most of all she like to tell us that "He loves me, Mommy." And when she's done holding him, he's ALWAYS sad she's leaving. The only meltdowns we've had in the house so far this week have been because someone else needs a turn holding the baby. Good thing I have the milk, or else I'd never get my baby back. And even then, she's right by my side petting his head. :)

Big Brother Ellis loves baby Myles too--in 30 second intervals. He asks to hold him and by the time he's one his lap, he's about done. So far so good though, and Ellis has seemed his same little happy energetic self--new baby in the house hasn't fazed him yet.
He keeps telling everyone that the baby's name is "Boy." I think he's so excited to have a brother that he thinks his name should proclaim it to the world. Someone will ask and we'll say, "Myles" and Ellis will say back, "No, he name is Boy!" Hilarious.

Belly bump at 6 1/2 months pregnant and rug-rat big sis.

Whew, check out that 9 month belly. Gigantic. And the shadow doesn't exactly help things. Knew this little one would be bigger than 6lb 2 oz Norah (2 weeks early) and 8lb 6 oz Ellis (2 days late) because my belly was definitely the biggest with this one. A couple days before he came we were looking back at pictures of me in the hospital with Ellis and comparing the belly size--at first Jason was trying to think of something to say, and then he just came out with, "yeah, it's definitely bigger this time."

Tuesday evening when we were packing up things expecting to head to the hospital, this is what the kids were doing. Can you tell we've been in baby mode? Ellis clearly needs some training on proper baby holding... his is naked and upside down, Norah's is dressed, accessorized, and sitting properly by her side. Typical, love it.

And off to the hospital! We didn't find out what we were having this time, although I would have been shocked if it was a girl. Between feeling like it was a boy, having a pregnancy more similar to Ellis's, my midwife's guess, and the ultrasound technicians comments, I was definitely thinking boy.

While Mommy stayed up all night with some really fun, relaxing (read sarcasm) contractions, this was what Daddy was up to, plus lots of snoring. :)

And out comes...a BOY! As soon as baby came out Jason looked over and happily announced, "It's a boy!"

Beautiful baby boy, and very happy mommy.

While enjoying my new baby boy I noticed the entire room was hovering around, and one nurse gently said, "Don't you want to find out how big he is?" Haha--their curiosity wasn't disappointed. Big boy!

Seriously?! This is my NEWBORN?! Check out that belly. How in the world did he fit in me-- really? And he won't be losing weight anytime soon. About 5 minutes after being born he was nursing and has been a nursing champ ever since.

Proud, happy Daddy. Just like with Norah, baby Myles recognized Daddy's voice right away. While unhappy with the nurses doing their measurements, Daddy walked over and talked to him and his little eyes got big as he quieted down and listened to that familiar sound.

First look.

Grandma Brown introducing baby to big brother Ellis. I love how his normal deep man voice instantly turns high pitched and squeaky when he talks to or about the baby. "Oh look- baby! He open his eyes, Mom! He loves me!"

Snacks and PBS are a pretty good match-up to the excitement of a new brother. Ellis was completely obsessed with his name tag and announced about 20 times, "Wook, I have a name tag wif my NAME on it!"

We didn't tell the kids what the baby was until they came to visit. Norah jumped up on the bed and said, "Mommy, what is it? Is it a boy or a girl?" I asked her what she thought, and after looking at him she said, "A boy!"

Norah got right to work playing with her new, live baby doll. She wanted him moved all over the bed (his head this way, then that way, then on pillow, then off) and then wanted to put him in the little crib. Ironically I think that was the only time he was ever in that crib besides when they wheeled him away for the hearing test.

Typical Ellis--scrounging for food all over the hospital room. Chips are almost as exciting as a new brother.

Love at first sight.

As Norah was leaving the hospital to go back home she said, "I think he's going to cry for me." Later that night when we talked to her before bedtime she asked me if he was crying for her still. Apparently she'd been saying to Grandma Brown all day, "I bet the baby's crying for me." She's a very good mommy, and she knows it.

And Norah's mothering begins--instructing Ellis on the correct way to touch the baby.

Proud Big Brother and Sis.

Awh. Drooling--the life of a new baby is pretty exhausting.

Meeting Grandpa Myles, a very worthy man to share a name with. He's a wonderful and devoted husband, great dad, completely dedicated to his family, a very hard worker, honest, faithful, humble, full of integrity, and a very loving Grandpa.

Saying hello to Uncle Jim, who will in the future provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Uncle Mike, Daddy, Grandma Mary, Uncle Jim, and Chelsea (Mike's cute girlfriend) came to visit.

Grandma Mary very excited about her third grandbaby. Oh what would I do without my mom?! Always full of energy and ready to help, and her grandkids thus far absolutely adore her. And so far lucky Grandma has made it to all the baby births.

Cute, happy Uncle Jim.

(And can I just say that pacifiers are the best things ever. Norah or Ellis would have absolutely nothing to do with them, or with bottles, so I was determined that #3 out of pure necessity would. He's a natural.)

Can't get enough of that chubby face.

Chubs (Myles) compared to Miniature (Norah). 3lbs and 6oz apart and you can really see the difference. When I pulled up the picture of Norah and compared Jason and I just couldn't stop laughing. Myles, you are such a little chunk in the best, best possible way.

Welcome home, baby Myles!! Oh, kids, you make me laugh. I was trying to get them to both look and Norah was way too engrossed in "wrapping the baby" to look up, but Ellis announced, "Mom, me ready!" Hilarious, check out that pose.

Norah admiring her completed "wrapping" of the baby.

Big Brother welcoming Little Brother home.

Norah even needs a turn holding him right before bed. It's become part of the bedtime routine already.

She just adores him, clearly.


Eyes that are about to be poked by Ellis. I love how his idea of "soft" is making his hand really stiff and pushing it along the baby.

This is Jason's favorite picture, and I can't blame him. What 2 day old has wrist rolls and cheeks so chubby they hang?! Yum.

We got to skype with Uncle Eric (he's in South America for 4 months traveling) and show off his new nephew. It was quite the skyping party--can you tell we miss him?

Baby Myles meets Uncle Eric (aka Wonkie).

Ellis giving Wonkie loves. Ellis really misses his bud--at one point he was standing in front of the screen stroking his face, which of course made my mom start tearing up.

The boys.

This is what it looks like around here recently. Everyone in line to hold the baby, and usually waiting behind Norah.

Mommy loves.

There's really nothing better in the world than snuggling your new, precious little baby. There's such magic in being a mommy, even the third time around. Their sweet little sounds, their snuggly bodies, the way they smell, the love and excitement that comes from siblings, how their eyes get big as they hear a voice they recognize, the way their cry changes and calms when they know mommy is close. A beautiful, healthy baby boy. What an amazing blessing.

If you're interested in the labor story:
Tuesday at about 3pm I started having contractions, and by about 10pm we had Grandma Brown come stay with the kids and headed to the hospital. Because Norah and Ellis came REALLY fast near the end Jason was really nervous about having a baby in the car since we live 40 minutes away. It was pretty hilarious. He asked every 2 minutes how I was doing and made me PROMISE that I would tell him if things got worse. Well we made it, and with lots of time to spare. I was at a 5 1/2 when we got there, and 4 hours later, was STILL at a 5 1/2. Urg. At least this time I didn't have to be induced. They broke my water and after another hour I was still at only a 6 1/2. By this time it was 5:30 in the morning and I'd been up ALL night, but I thought I'd wait another hour to see if things picked up before getting an epidural. By 6:30, after an hour of non-stop, no break in between contractions, still at a 7. With the other kids after hours of Pitocin and no real progress, I would get an epidural at a 4 or 5 and then have the baby in 45 minutes. I always wondered if it was the epidural speeding things up or if I was giving up at the last second. Well, now we know. An epidural is definitely my friend. By 6:30 Jason was saying, you can either struggle through this for 4 more hours, or you can get an epidural and have the baby in a half hour--and that's exactly what happened. Half hour after the epidural, out came our baby boy! Grandma Brown stayed with the kids while we spent a night in the hospital with the sweet little boy. It's so funny how kids change your perspective on things--with the first baby it seems like a lot of work. With this one, we felt like we were on a nice little vacation! No kids to run after, no dishes, no cooking, no laundry, no cleaning--just a sweet little nugget that needs to cuddle and eat. Easy! Plus, this was a brand new hospital--no more sharing rooms! With the other two I always had a shared room--with Ellis there were 3 other people in my room, not pleasant at all. This time, we basically had a whole suite to ourselves. Provided just the right environment to get to know and snuggle our new little guy.


The Amoah-Boadi Family said...

Oh Chrissie! He is adorable!! And i cant believe how big ellis has gotten! you have the cutest family ever and you just look amazing! I sure miss you! looks like you are all doing great! Congrats on the newest addition!
<3 Amanda

Harmony said...

YAY! HOORAY! HUZZAH! A BABY AND A BLOG! Congratulations!!! I teared up reading this at certain times. New babies and all that go along with it just make me emotional. Your kids' reaactions to the baby are soooo cute. Norah is such a little helper, how wonderful. Honestly Chrissie, I didn't know you were pregant. :( I wish we were closer! And it wasn't so difficult to keep in touch, but just know I love you and think of you and we'll always be friends. Your Myles is SO beautiful. I am shocked at the size! He's bigger than Paisley who was 9.4. Enjoy your beautiful baby. Love you!

Dayna Jamison said...

You guys, I LOVE him!!! He is so healthy and adorable and I love the chubs!!! Wow, he couldn't be any cuter, and what a happy family. I love how Norah has taken on the "big sister" role instantly and with persistence too! We are so happy for you guys, Congrats and welcome to the world little MK!!!

Kaisa Bailey said...

DELICIOUS! I have been so anxious for more pictures and a name! I loved that you didn't hold back with pictures and info. because I really just wanted MORE!!!! I am so happy for you guys. Congratulations! and can we have a "meet baby Myles" party?! I'll convince you (: he is darling....
and Norah and Ellis are huge and beautiful....BEAUTIFUL.

karisadarling said...

LOVE IT! So cute! You guys are the best baby makers. I miss you guys and I hope I get you see you soon and meet the new addition. I seriously cant believe how much bigger Ellis is now. Norah still looks the same cute as ever!

Sarah Jayne said...

Gosh, I miss you guys! What a beautiful post (you've almost made up for not posting in a year)! He is just so handsome! I can't believe he was so big! Am I using enough exclamation points, because if I were there in real life these would all be exclamations!!!

I'm so happy for you guys and I hope the transition is still going beautifully. I'll give you a call soon!

Our Family said...

Congratulations to you guys!!! I couldn't fit all my comments here, so check your email! Myles is gorgeous! We love you,

We are the Ganyos.... said...

Congratulations Chrissie!! I am so happy for you and your precious little guy. Myles just happens to be one of my all-time favorite names. Love him and cant wait to meet him. You look ravishing in all these pics.
Take care and hope to see you soon,

Melody said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You guys, he is THE CUTEST BABY ALIVE! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet him. Chubby babies are the best, I just love it. We would love to come see you guys whenever you're feeling up to it. We love you, and congratulations!

English1 said...

SO, SO CUTE!!! I'm talking about Myles, Ellis, Norah, and Mom and Dad!! What a great blog entry - it was worth the year-long wait! Congratulations a thousand times over - couldn't happen to a more wonderful family! - Dorene

Barbara said...

What a joy it was to see these pictures of your beautiful family! We are sending lots of love and good wishes your way!
Barb, Kurt, Sarah and Emily

Bronwyn said...

Wow Chrissie!! Congratulations! What a beautiful little boy! The pics of Norah snuggling with him are just so precious, and your comment about Ellis' idea of gentle being "a stiff hand pushed across the forehead" made me laugh out loud... with recognition! Teg does that too. How wonderful to have been blessed so bountifully. Hope we get to see you soon!

lindsey said...

I am in love with him. Can you pack him in a box and overnight him to me? I bet he smells delish. Love all of the photos of your cute family.

Beck said...

love this. Great pictures. Beautiful baby, beautiful family! Congratulations and we love you guys!

Kathleen said...

thanks for letting me come and enjoy his first sunday with you all - special thanks to norah for sharing baby brother with nana... i loved, loved, loved snuggling with his "chunk-ness". he is delicious...

Richie and Bethany said...

So fun that you have a blog. Amazing photos! I love that I get to see him anytime I want. :-)

Meredith said...

he's beautiful!!! makes me newborn baby hungry. but not preggo hungry so we're good:) congrats, what a cute little family!! i love the sleeping pics, so sweet!

Bonnie said...

I am so so excited for you guys! He is so precious and the kids look so excited with him. And what can I say...Kimball is a pretty good name. We're going to claim his name after our Kimball. :) Congrats and I wish I could see all your cute family together. Kimball is still talking about catching frogs in your front lawn.

Andrea said...

Congratulations Brown Family!!!! He is soo adorable. You can tell he's going to be just as cute as your other kids. Chrissie, you look beautiful too. What a fun post to read. I didn't know you had a blog. I hope you write some more. I miss you and hope all is going well with three at home. It's so funny to read about Norah. Her behavior is adorable and not surprising at all!!

Darla said...

The pics are so great, Chrissie! Of course you look absolutely GORGEOUS in every one (good jeans..look at your hot mama)! And that baby of yours. Oh my, he's chubby and perfect. Dayne was 10 lbs. 5 oz so I know what it's like to have a chubby new born. So exciting! Keep posting!

mary said...

Congratulations!! Baby Myles is so perfect!! So are Norah and Ellis!! I love them all dearly! Thanks for bringing them into my life. Love, Grandma Mary

Jess said...

Oh! He is just perfect! I just love that "mommy loves" picture. You are just glowing! And how sweet are those pictures of the kids with Myles. Awww! The looks in their eyes are so full of wonder and love. What a great blessing! Congratulations!!

jordan and maci said...

YUM! what more can i say really...?

Kathleen said...

ok - time for an update and new photos!! (in your spare time...)