Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Family Reunion in Tahoe

Our family from St. Louis arrived the day before Norah's birthday on July 14th and we all headed up to Lake Tahoe for a few days. The trip was perfect and magical. The cabin was charming, so many things to do, and not to mention a perfect location right on the lake. What a great way to celebrate Norah's first birthday! Everyone had such a great time and it was so fun to spend time together. We'll have to go visit them soon.

The birthday girls. Norah and Emily share the same birthday, so we got to celebrate Emily's 14th birthday and Norah's 1st birthday while we were in Tahoe. It was so fun to have Emily and the rest of the St. Louis gang there. Special day! I think she liked her cake. What do you think?Birthday girl. I cannot believe she turned 1. It's 2 months later and I still can't believe it. Oh, such a big girl. What they say is really does go by fast.I bought Norah this life jacket before we left so we could take her out on the lake. As you can see, it didn't go over so well. Neither did the ride in the dingy. She clung onto me the whole time. So sad. Sarah and Aunt Sue are professional rowers. There was some gossip about who was working hard and who wasn't at paddling on the float trip. I wasn't there, but experienced first hand on the dingy their skills. Mad skills.
This trip was the first time "Great" Grandpa met Norah. It was really sweet because she really bonded with him right away. She'd come up to him to say hello and "talk" to him. It was great to have him there.The traditional 4 generations picture.
Aunt Sue lounging in the hammock. She tied a extension cord to the tree so you could swing yourself. Funny enough, Chuck was searching around the house looking for an extension cord later that day.....oops!

I'd like to say that someone yelled "Vougue" before taking this picture, which might explain Jason's arm-over-the-head pose. I guess we'll never know what his inspiration was for that one. Still a cutie though.
I told Eric to do something funny, and as he mocked me I took a picture. Pretty funny actually. We took the best hike up for a view of Lake Tahoe. The hike was really steep but short. Well worth it and absolutely gorgeous.


Joanie Atwater said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love that life jacket picture :)

Shauna said...

Chrissie! i found you! Norah is adorable and i miss tahoe SO MUCH! im so jealous! Youre looking great!

Whitney said...

What's up Browns? Sweet blog. I'm adding your blog to my blog. And thus my list of blogging friends grows. That was 4 "blog"s in 4 sentences, wait, now 5 in 5.

The Atwaters said...

Hi. So uh, yah...time to update your blog :) How bout a lil update on baby or something for those of us who have to miss church due to sickness :( and don't get to visit with you. lol.

Dayna Jamison said...

What a blast that was! i feel like i went on vacation just looking at the pics.! :)